Martina is a Swedish interior stylist with a creative free spirit. With roots in Sweden and
Scandinavian design, Martina glances around the globe when she does design projects involving ceramic, other forms of art including fashion design.

Martina has a Degree in Interior Decorating and Visual Merchandising .
After completing her degree she started out with her own little shop of carefully chosen lifestyle
goods, both interior and fashion/vintage, and quickly moved on to interior design full time. She
has worked with fashion and interior styling for many years and she believes that interior,
fashion, music and art create the perfect symbiosis.

If you ask her what has been the greatest influence on her spiritual life she would probably say:

– It’s all about how the vintage kimono meets modern style influences.

That pretty much sums up what Martina is all about.

Her creative style comes from around the globe with solid roots in the Scandinavian style.

Please email for inquires and collaborations. Thank you!